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AVAILABLE : on request

Travelparty : 2- 4 People
Territory : Switzerland (Corporate & Private Events in collaboration with ZEALAND
Contact : Robi Maurer

“Shuffle The Cards”
A lot can change in a year. After taking her final bow as front woman of the band Lunik at their farewell concert, charismatic Bernese singer-songwriter Jaël has since metamorphosed and returned with her new solo album, “Shuffle the Cards”. A reflection of her musical depth and insights, Jaël’s debut sounds more modern, global and electronic than her past work. The scope of the 14 songs is vast and sees the 36-year-old use the full range of her voice, from poppy to ethereal on folk riffs, R’n'B, dance and electro. On the album, Jaël’s unmistakable voice and the harmonizing arrangements bring this eclecticism together in a whole. Quiet moments and melancholy sit comfortably side-by-side with catchy up-tempo hooks.