Meshell Ndegeocello

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New Tour Dates: june 5th – 8th 2021

Entourage: 4 Musicians / 1 TM
Territory: CH
Contact: Robi Maurer

Canonized, marginalized or just scrutinized, MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO has given up trying to ex- plain herself. After 20 years in an industry that has called her everything from avant garde to a dying breed, what unquestionably remains is the fearsome bassist, prolific songwriter, and the creativity and curiosity of an authentic musical force. With that, she has earned critical acclaim, the unfailing respect of fellow players, songwriters and composers, and the dedication of her diverse, unclassifiable fans.

+ 10 time GRAMMY Nominee – performed at the GRAMMY Awards broadcast from Madison Square Garden
+ Meshell has released 11 albums since 1993. She was one of the first artists signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records, which released her first 5 albums

“In the search for love, truth and justice a good vamp never hurts. That’s the modus operandi of Meshell Ndegeocello.” Jon Pareles, The New York Times
“The versatile Meshell Ndegeocello… confidently and creatively blends funk, rock, R&B, jazz, soul and ambient strains into a personal explosion of worldly realities and otherworldly desires.” Stephen Deusner

Meshell Ndegeocello (bass,vocals)
Jebin Bruni (keyboards)
Abraham Rounds (drums)
Chris Bruce (guitars)

2014 Comet Come To Me
Pour une Âme Souveraine: A Dedication to Nina Simone
2011 Weather
2009 Devil’s Halo
2007 The World Has Made Me The Man of My Dreams
2006 The Article 3 (EP) GRAMMY Nominee
2005 Dance of the Infidel GRAMMY Nominee
2003 Comfort Woman
2002 Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape
1999 Bitter
1996 Peace Beyond Passion GRAMMY Nominee
1993 Plantation Lullabies GRAMMY Nominee

hier gibt’s eine preview und zwei exklusive vorabtracks von MESHELLs neuem album “Ventriloquism” (Vö 16.03) zu hören:

wenn du noch mehr material hören willst sags mir. ich habe da noch einen privaten link… ,-)